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PHP on IBM iSeries

The binaries distros :

version 1.0

version 1.1

version 1.2

version 2.0

version 2.1

version 2.2

version 3.0

version 3.1

The sources distros :

source code

The recipe :

How-to compile PHP 4.3.x and PHP 5.0.x

Other downloads

IBM Redpaper
Bringing PHP to IBM iSeries

Last Update: 11/12/2007

First of all I would like to thanks Rob Ward. You can find his work at the following address http://www.i5php.net. Rob did a great job to clarify and update IBM work on the support of PHP in the PASE environment of the iSeries. My work is very similar to what Rob did except that it is based on the GNU GCC compiler. In fact I tried to follow the instruction of Rob Ward to install PHP on a test machine but I soon discovered that I had a problem. I couldn't use Rob instructions because the free IBM compiler VA C++ 6.0 was not available anymore. On the IBM web site I found the XL C/C++ V7.0 for AIX that I could test for 60 free of charge, except that I soon discovered that the free trial could not compile in the PASE environement. So, I finally found out that another compiler could eventually work. This was the GNU GCC compiler.

So, I found out that at the following address http://aixpdslib.seas.ucla.edu a binary AIX gcc available. So I downloaded it to an iseries test machine and after a few glitches it worked fine. So I decided to go ahead and to do a little bit more with this open-source compiler and to try to compile the newest version of PHP.

Because it is a similar work, I also reused the design and most of Rob Ward web pages. First of all because I'm not a specialist of HTML and secondly because I don't want to spend a lot of time to create a brand new design. Hopefully Rob won't mind to much. Anyway, if you have some comments you can always send me an email here :. My e-mail address is written in an image to protect myself against spammers.


I am not affiliated with IBM in any way. You may also find help on the IBM newsgroup news.software.ibm.com - ibm.software.iseries.pase